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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wus Gucci G*Two?

i only fuck wit real niggas. G*Two is one of few niggas that fits in that category. This nigga's thorough, he's a wordsmith and got mad jewels to drop. The track comes from his Suns Out Guns Out LP (one of my favorites this year) that dropped over the summer. Sadly, I got tied up with all this other shit and never got a chance to listen to it the way i wanted. Then 2 months, a blunt, a bottle of evian later my ears received a blessing. One Man Army had me sold on this nigga already. I aint met him yet, but he from the DMV and i definitely have to make a track with him. A joint for real niggas only. So if u walkin around icegrillin niggas wit a Norface thong under your jeans this shit aint for u. Nuff said.


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