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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blak Roc

My homegirl put me on game yessuhday when we was uptown celebratin everybody bein home again, and it looks like it's gonna be epic. The Black Keys and a slew of Legendary Artists formed by Damon Dash are compiling an album under the name Blak Roc. It's not a label, but it sorta seems like the equivalent to the red and black NWO of the Hip Hop Arena. I don't necessarily think Dame is tryna clash with Hov's Roc Nation, but holding on to the "Roc" comes off as him holding on to sumfin that he pretty much got robbed for.

Sittin back on the plush leather couch, blowin on some uptown good and lissenin to the recordin session in the webisodes brought a feeling of nostalgia; a feeling takin me back to why I fell in love with music.

This is like the Hip Hop Super Friends/Rap Justice League joining forces in the name of the music and on the strength of the respect they have for Dame. This compilation is gonna be sick, you wait and see. Here go a few of the webisodes.

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