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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Lotion

Over the summer my man EJ from Dear Whoever put me on game to this baby lotion video on youtube. All bullshit aside, i think it's pretty beautiful how as black people we wield some what of a natural talent to form anything from nothing at all, much like this song and dance which was more than likely improvised by the STUDENTS performing it. I'm not one for softshoeing and cakewalking, but I don't see the blackface in this at all. In no way, shape or form does this take me to the minstrel show, however everyone doesnt feel the same way as me and my conglomerates.

"This is coonery & buffoonery at it's finest, and the fact that U defend it just PROVES once again, that the music was inherited by a DUMB generation that has badly dropped the ball & made a mockery of the culture of hip hop & black music in general.

You're nothing but clowns in black-face, who've provided white amerikkka with a safari-like adventure, where they can watch dumb, geechie ass n***** like U, debase themselves & the dignity of our music & community.."

Upon seeing this, my boy proceeded to tear this guy a new asshole in a very intellectually charged argument. I on the otherhand have something a little bit shorter to say than my mans did...These are kids on a COLLEGE CAMPUS (what college? idk). That being said, they're seeking some form of enlightenment in an aid to better assist them in their lives to come. I'm tired of all these "it aint Hip Hop unless it sounds like Blackstar" ass niggas...better yet, I'm tired of these niggas that prefer to shine light on the subjectively negative things that positive people produce. Fact of the matter is, Mr. Blackadam06, these are kids that probably come from suburbs/farms/urban communities across America trying to make something of themselves, while at the same time having fun without the Delores Tucker stick up their asses. So fuck off, because I'm almost 100% sure that if these niggas ran in ur crib masked up and strapped, you'd wish they only "made modern day minstrel show videos".

My advice is simply let the kids be kids and before you say something about them lissen to the older generations music (The 50's had songs about backrubs and taking baths) and think about the times where your mother probably kicked in your door with riot gear screamin, "Turn that ignorant Busta Rhymes/Nas/Mobb Deep/Outkast shit off, makin black people look bad with those big pants on. Just a bunch of noise, aint no singing. Where's the music!?".

In the end, maybe you don't like it because you aren't the intended weren't susposed to like it, and this isn't as political as you tried to make it. Johnson and Johnson is universal you stupid twat stick. Go learn how to nurture a younger generation, because IF we dropped the ball somebody has to assist in picking it up before the opposing fastbreak gets going. Jock my 15 page August Wilson thesis nigga. Oh yeah, I'm in college too, not paying a dime. Sorry for dropping the ball.