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Sunday, December 20, 2009


In a matter of hours Chocolate City was full of white, no gentrification puns intended. Dreading to have to shovel 24 inches of snow i hoped that the weather forecasts were inaccurate, but at the avail of nature we got plenty snow to go around. At least I shoveled it down some. Now i don't gotta worry about it being as heavy when I step back out today (looks at clock) hour. Burr isn't even the word. My hands felt like i been punchin ice blocks and freeze pops all day lol.

Despite the weather, i still chilled with a few of my boys that I don't see that much. Since we don't see eachother as much as we did when we was younger, we make it a point to catch up when we come home from school; sit in the Impala, bang the bass, go HD, shoot the shit then we part ways.

My man EJ, said i look like father time
My grandmother said i looked like Santa Claus shovel some more....#FUCK


  1. Well your grandmother wasn'y lying you do look like Santa Claus