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Monday, December 21, 2009

Stay Healthy, Stay Black and Stay Beautiful

In a previous post, i wrote to all my beautiful young black women how important slf preservation was. I pretty much just got girls Hip to all the dumb shit that they ignore and endure in "relationships" with dumb niggas. Not too long ago someone i know had a child. I'm proud of her for going through with bringing a beautiful life into this world and enduring the sacrifice yet enjoying the upbringing of her seed.

However we still have girls stuck in the wrong mind set. Simply put, they got they priorities fucked up. In bringing life comes an experience that should be held with your seed. Acknowledging to self all the small developments into a being you created and all that. The bond between a parent and child (especially a single mother) should be a journey where one seeks the acknowledgment of two from the flower they watch blossom. I luv yall black girls, but truth be told, a few of you need to accept priority. This aint a piece being pro-man, but all the blame can't be put on one. As admitted in my previous post, niggas be on some dumb shit. However, that shouldn't be taken as an excuse to place blame where one could've upheld.


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