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Sunday, December 27, 2009

onMIND offCHEST (words from G5 Clive)

...before i hit these jays with my bruthas vaughn garcia and sean diesel, as well as kailasa (illest in america) lol and go see this avatar, i wan get a few things off my heart. cuz its a tad bit heavy right now. the current state of the relationship amongst blak ppl right now, especially in inner cities isnt right. it just isnt. its failing us. its destroying our plans. of redemption. im a jokester to the fullest, ask anyone u kno that kno me and theyll tell u, "dont take that boy serious," but on sum real shit, i dont joke when it comes to my family. ill kill for anyone in my family. and thats not just blood. i genuinely feel like alot of the ppl i kno on here are family, even the ones i dont kno or havent had the chance to encounter yet. excuse the seriousness of this post but im an aquarious and im a humanitarian lol and i feel the need for sumthn ta be said. BLACK PEOPLE STAND UP!

the 21st century ego has penetrated DEEP in the flesh of our people and it hurts ta see the distance between those bruthas and sistas who seem ta feel superior than the next. its truly disheartening to see, hear and in many cases be apart of this subconscious/conscious civil segration. on the flip side, and mostly prevalent on the internet, we have a plethora of insecure individuals whoring themselves for the wrong attention. material. outer beauty. social acceptance. i feel its a shame we as yung african-american men and women constantly, day in and day out search for a filling to the void in our souls thru the soul-drenching pages of facebook/myspace/twitter/e
tc. THERE IS NO WIN WIN WITHIN THIS. this will only lead to the conditioning of ignorance and lack of self-knowledge as well as appreciation. you will continue, even after your facebook days, to search for sumone to click on the "i like this" button to ur life.

i dont wanna preach cuz im not a preacher. i like ta lead by example. and i love yall man, truly. all my friends kno id do anything for them, so i jus wanna let yall kno man, lets come togetha and stop wastin time. everyday we hav ppl that talk about it but never do it, and then they look up and theyre 25, 30, 35, 40. we're 18, 19, 20, 21. the smartest generation ever. but also the blindest. most content. most selfish.

b4 i end this note i wanna say a few more things. i dont wanna leave yall wit a heavy heart, sayin all this negative shit about us bc at the end of the day we're (BLACK PEOPLE) still the most gifted, we're still the envy of the world. STILL. even after the death of HANIBLE. TOUSSAINT. MARTIN. MALCOLM. WE ARE STILL THE ENVY OF THIS PLANET AND UNTIL WE REALIZE OUR WORTH AND THE STRENGTH WE HAVE WE WILL CONTINUE TA BE TARGETING FOR DEATH. THEY WILL NOT LET UP ON TRYING TO DESTROY THE LEGACY OF THIS CHOSEN PEOPLE.

and one more thing, sorry lol, but im seein a whole lot of black women running around like chickens with their heads cut off. they seem ta hav bought into this beyonce independent shit a little too hard and are making a mockery of everything our parents and their parents have founded. LADIES, STICK BY YOUR GUY AND HELP US BECOME BETTER FOR YALL! STOP DROPPIN YOUR PANTIES TO EVERY GUY THAT SMOKES YOU UP. BE THE EPITOME OF CLASS!

thats all yall, i love yall and will see yall at the top very soon. believe that. one luv

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  1. I knew you can do it! lol but all jokes aside, this needed to be said, It very upsetting to see our generation being dumb as shit, they don't even realize everything thats in front of them, until its behind them, away, never to be seen again. We have to do better than this